Foot Zone Foundations

The Foot Zone is an incredible tool that empowers many people and helps people on their health journey. Come join Shallen Sorenson, owner of Zoned into Health and founder of Intuizone Academy, in a 5 week course to learn and understand the foundations of the foot zone!

Learn directly from Shallen for an hour each week during this 5 week course. Class will be held on Tuesdays at 7:00 am, Mountain Time, starting on June 29th! Classes will be recorded if you’re unable to be there live, and you’ll have access to those videos during the duration of the course so anyone can make this work with their schedule!

Topics covered will include:

  • The map of the body on the feet
  • Helping the body detox through the feet
  • Energy work and how it applies to the foot zone
  • Powerful tools to help the foot zone
  • Growing your intuition and using that in the foot zone

This course is perfect for those that:

  • want to understand what foot zoning is
  • want to learn more about foot zoning
  • want to be able to help themselves and their family by working the feet
  • are considering becoming a certified foot zone therapist and would like a firm foundation

Only $37!!